Who is Bynded?

<p>Flowers online marketplace</p>

Flowers online marketplace

<p>E-learning platform for personal development</p>

E-learning platform for personal development

<p>Voice games publisher</p>

Voice games publisher

<p>E-commerce to buy new car parts</p>

E-commerce to buy new car parts

<p>Online platform for legal services</p>

Online platform for legal services

<p>Original jewellery by independent designers</p>

Original jewellery by independent designers

<p>Omnichannel brand for invisible aligners</p>

Omnichannel brand for invisible aligners

<p>Social platform to connect language learners</p>

Social platform to connect language learners

<p>Curated apartments for monthly stays</p>

Curated apartments for monthly stays

<p>Marketplace for connecting suppliers and clients</p>

Marketplace for connecting suppliers and clients

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